Recorded Summer, 1989

Released Fall, 1989

Community Chest Records #4

1500 Copies – 7″ Record on Green Vinyl

BiG EGO is the first record BiG MiSTAKE made.

The album was recorded again by Michael Bloomer in his new warehouse, Upstairs Audio in Willimantic, CT.  All of the recording sessions were recorded by Ted’s old roomate Mike P., who also was the roadie on BiG MiSTAKE’s first tour – The Looking for Larry Tour 1990.  You can watch some of the recording sessions on The BiG MiSTAKE Home Video.

Recording 10 songs for this release proved to be a challenge for the band.  They practiced for weeks to get all the timings of the songs exact and arranged in a certain order for 2 reasons: 1 – being they could only fit so many minutes on each side of the record and 2 – because funds would only allow 2 or 3 takes per song.  “You destroy da scene” was the most difficult to record and master.

BiG EGO has 10 songs, with lead vocals shared by Gabe, Ted and Jen.  This release varies once again with styles: pop, hardcore, rock, and even an early style rap, with additional guitar tracks by Gabe’s friend Garth.  Early fan favorites include “007” and “Take off the Mask”.

Green vinyl was chosen because all the members’ favorite color was green.  They are also all fans of Naked Raygun, the Bad Brains, and Pizza from Pizza Pal restaraunt – New Britain, CT.

Photo was taken outside the Central Connecticut State University Record Station (WFCS 107.7) near the library.

Released on Community Chest Records by Mark Dargee, the first of many with a great friendship attached.

Side A:


Short Song II


Blow, School, Jail

Safe at Home

Side B:

Take off the Mask

Fast Car

Stupid Boy

Part of it

You Destroy Da Scene